Longent's experience at designing and implementing diverse mobile networks is unmatched in the industry. As a result, Longent can offer a full array of services to provide it's customers with a systems solution tailored to meet their requirements today and well into the future.
Longent professionals work with you to develop the solution that's right for you now and in the future. Longent's In Building System Designs routinely include:


Longent's RF Engineers physically walk the facility to determine areas requiring enhancement, ceiling and wall types, and potential equipment locations. These Site Surveys routinely include carrier wave transmitter tests to determine the radio propagation characteristics of the venue.


    Whether utilizing a detailed scope of work provided by a wireless operator or a venue owner's modest list of requirements, based on the information collected during the Site Survey, Longent's experienced team of RF Engineers are able to develop a detailed list of the equipment required for the venue; along with, System Design Drawings (directly on the customer provided floor plans) which details equipment locations, cabling paths, and coverage/capacity expectations.


Longent’s installation personnel implement Distributed Antenna Systems ranging in scale from single antenna repeater based solutions to campus wide, multi-operator, base station fed solutions. In addition to maintaining its own in house team of highly trained and proficient installers, Longent is one of the only integrators in our industry to acquire and maintain contracting licenses in the major markets it serves.


As important as skilled installation technicians, Longent’s project managers are unmatched in terms of wireless experience and professionalism. Our project managers lead every stage of implementation from requirements gathering to final commissioning and as-built generation.

Longent has the personnel and tools to not only design and install the DAS solution, but to also properly optimize and commission the final product. During the commissioning process, Longent’s Engineering Team optimizes each component of the system

to ensure peak performance, documents each active piece of hardware’s settings, and uses advanced RF test tools to measure and record the pertinent RF coverage parameters to verify that all in-building system design requirements have been met.

Typically offered on an annual basis, a Maintenance and Monitoring Agreement with Longent will ensure that your wireless system remains trouble-free.


Longent’s maintenance program focusses on preventing systems failures before they occur. Our maintenance contract includes annual site visits to verify system parameters and that everything is functioning as originally installed. Maintenance also includes deployment of Longent technicians if and when issues occur.


Longent provides 24X7 DAS monitoring using its own in house network monitoring system. Utilizing a Longent provided wireless router or a static IP provided by our customer, Longent is able to remotely monitor and diagnose system issues often before the customer realizes there is a problem.


Customer email updates once a critical alarm is received.
Remote diagnostics of system problems.
Technician dispatch and arrival updates.
Problem identification and resolution updates.