Why Longent?
Longent is a premier integrator of in-building and wide-area wireless solutions, supplying best in class systems design, implementation, project management, and maintenance services. To support our efforts, Longent utilizes Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), Fiber-Fed Repeaters, Wi-Fi, and multi- and single-operator systems in both public and private venues. Our team’s high level of expertise in development and deployment enables us to create customized, future-proof solutions to satisfy our customers’ wireless coverage and capacity needs. Longent’s neutral approach to developing innovative multi-operator DAS networks is in use at corporate campuses, hospitals, universities, airports, and malls throughout the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic regions. In addition to being a preferred vendor to most of the major wireless operators, Longent is one of the only integrators in our industry to acquire and maintain contracting licenses in the major markets it serves.